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About the main pages

The main pages are done using two php files index.php and misc.php. index.php has to be there as a file so that the main site knows where to go, but it simply includes misc.php. I have made the pages completely editable from an authenticated web page 'Edit your partial' which I type into using the wymeditor. The page information itself comes out of a mysql database. My code is PHP 5 with the wymeditor, I have as yet added not other helper modules.

The mysql database is as simple as I can make it, it has two tables like so:

It took me some time to get the 'Edit your partial' page going. Its still a bit flaky but I haven't quite pinpointed why. So a breakdown of the page that in fact I'm using to type this in at the moment.

If you would like to comment, whilst I haven't put up a forum, I've put up a blog, so please do post your comments to it here.

About the CV Site

It always struck me as a fun idea to put it up a site in its own right, so I have.  partcv.php that breaks it up is simply a function to apply an xslt stylesheet similar to what you might find here. The xslt that I'm using is specific to the html document that I've written (the full c.v.) but its available here if you are interested. The full c.v. that it all comes from is available from every page of the site.

If you would like to comment, I haven't put up a forum, sorry, I got a bit too much spam, do contact me via email address.